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The Adidas Titans will at all times keep players and parents personal information private. We will not sell your information to a 3rd party for advertising and/or discuss any individual information with another player and/or parent under or outside of the Adidas Titans Organization.

We ask that both parents and players respect the information passed on to them under the Adidas Titans. Such items would include, playbooks, forms, practice plans, promotional days info, field info, general program info, etc. All information given to players is private to the Titans Organization. We take pride in being the most professional and well structured organization in our area and would like to maintain our level of quality by keeping our information safe.

In the event a player/parent does release information given to them under contract with the Adidas Titans Organization they may be subject to expulsion from the program and/or legal action under legal standards regarding solicitation of private information under contract with the Adidas Titans Organization. By signing below, you hereby give your consent that both player and parent(s) agree to the terms of this privacy policy.


For the purpose of promoting the Adidas Titans, I give consent for the registered player to have his/her image displayed on promotional media used by the Adidas Titans Organization. Only team related information will be used in such promotions.




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